When we started this Mag, it was difficult to come up with a catchy phrase which would encompass our Magazine's philosophy...after much searching, we can up with "Consuetudo Vitae", which loosely translates from Latin into "a custom life or lifestyle".

Formed in 2013 after a successful first year as CV NorthWest Magazine supporting the local businesses, custom car & motorcycles clubs, and the local & regional music scene, CV WorldWide will run the two Magazines and branch out into different business ventures to highlight the MANY aspects of living the "Custom Life".

Our commitment to promoting LOCAL flavor is what makes us different - sure, having a national or international act in our magazine is great, but the heart that pumps the blood of music is the LOCAL scene, and those people are the ones who need our support.  We offer attractive advertising rates for our business partners in order to keep their costs down, part of our commitment to working together to make us all successful.

Won't you join us on our march to success?
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